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Join us to advance the careers of women in STEM across Asia
If you are an organization supporting early-in-career women grow in the STEM industry, then this program is for you and your members.
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What is STEM ConnectHER?

The Asia Foundation has launched the STEM ConnectHER initiative as a pan-regional 'network-of-networks' to connect and support under-served, early-in-career women in STEM, and provide access to mentorship and professional development opportunities. 

STEM ConnectHer is part of The Asia Foundation’s Future Skills Alliance - a broad coalition of partners from both the public and private sectors working together to deliver future skills at scale. 

Partner with Us

The STEM ConnectHER program is open to Supporting Partners and Member Organizations to participate - we look forward to working with all interested parties to connect early-in-career women to grow their STEM careers.

Supporting Partners
If you are company with an interest in supporting early-in-career women grow in the STEM industry, then this program is for you.

By joining the program as a supporting partner, you will:

  • Create skills-based volunteering opportunities for your employees as mentors and speakers
  • Contribute to building a diverse next generation of STEM talent
  • Connect your own EIC female employees to a cross-sector, cross-country community
  • Share valuable industry perspectives and expertise and showcase your corporate commitment to supporting Women in STEM
  • Strengthen STEM talent pipeline diversity by providing access to your Industry-standard learning resources and certifications
  • Support non-profit organizations working to expand opportunities for Women in STEM
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Member Organizations
By joining the program as a member organization, you will provide opportunity for your members to connect with a cross-country, cross-sector community through mentoring and experience sharing, as well as access to Industry-standard STEM learning resources, certifications and expertise.

How can you participate?

What we need from you

Supporting Partners
As a corporate partner, we invite you to support this program with in-kind support in the following ways:

By joining the program as a supporting partner, you will:

  • Provide Mentors– commit to provide a minimum of 5 employees as mentors to the program
  • Provide Speakers – commit to provide a minimum of 1speaker to deliver a 30min-45min presentation or participate in a panel discussion
  • Nominate EIC Women in STEM from your organization to be part of the community and have access to mentoring, speaker series and learning resources. Maximum of 5 per company.
  • Optional - Provide access to STEM learning resources, curriculum and/or certifications as part of a curated resources library for community member
Member organizations
As a member organization, we invite you to support this program in the following ways:

  • Support and promote the speaker series to your network members and have a minimum of 10 participants committed to attend the virtual speaker series
  • Nominate a speaker to be included in our speaker pool
  • Have a minimum of 10 participants and 5 mentors sign up with a completed profile on The Experience Exchange (TEX) platform

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Frequently asked questions

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Who can participate in this program?
  • STEM networks, associations or affinity groups based in Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, The Philippines and Japan
  • Corporate or Government organizations interested to provide sponsorship or in-kind assets aligned to the program mission

Is the program open for women only?

Yes, the objective of the program is to remove barriers for women in STEM careers and enable their professional development within industries

Are there any costs associated with this program?
  • We have donors supporting this program and as such there is no cost to STEM networks to participate.
  • We welcome other sponsors to this program who may wish to provide donations or in-kind support to support further expansion of the STEM ConnectHER program.