The Experience Exchange

Mentoring made easy

A platform that enables your communities to grow, connect and share their unique expertise.

Your community, brand and business model, our software and services to unleash your expertise.

Connecting your community to learn, share and grow

Finding, matching and scheduling mentors can be a challenge

TEX automates this entire process

Using profile, skills data, and members learning needs, TEX recommends the right person and the right time to connect - via chat or live video.

Keeping up with industry skill needs, is a full time job

TEX uses global taxonomy of skills

Standardised and up-to-date skills taxonomy, sourced from 4 million job ads, ensures members know the latest skill needs for every job role.

Engaging a community takes a team of people

Reduce operational costs through service automation and reporting

Automated registration, community services, member connection and reporting, allows you to focus on growth and new partnerships

Measuring impact is hard

TEX tracks live engagement and user feedback

TEX provides an active view of engagement, expert session value,  community expertise and skill needs.  Allowing you to develop new programs or invite new partners into your programs.

Leverage your existing numerous data sources, learning, and CRM systems.

TEX can integrate with existing data sources

Reducing time to value and improving the experience of members.

There's a reason we have amazing clients.

At TEX we work with a wide range of customer from varied industries and and segments - from Not for Profit organisations, Corporate and Public Sector, Education, Associations, and independent consultants, and we provide a range of commercial models to suit each type of engagement.

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"Sharing my experience with others is very fulfilling."

I joined TEX to donate my time and help people develop leadership skills, but I've ended up finding my own mentors too. I've met some truly inspirational people and it's made me really evaluate what I know, what I need to know, and how valuable complete strangers can be!

Lisa Murray, UX Designer


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