How it works for Mentors

Program at a glance

The STEM ConnectHER initiative is a pan-regional 'network-of-networks'designed to connect and support under-served early-in-career women in STEM, and provide access to mentorship and professional development opportunities

Who are we looking for as Mentors?
STEM professionals interested to support early-in-career women in STEM
Who are the learners?
Early-in-career women in STEM from the  participating organizations.
Time commitment for Mentors
Approx 2 hours per month
Program timeline
1 September  2022 to 31 March 2023

What do I need to do?

The Experience Exchange (TEX) will be the platform connecting participants to industry experts like you.  Start by signing up here with TEX, then follow these steps below.

Build your profile
Your profile is your brand. It highlights your experience and expertise, and allows TEX to match you to those who need your help.  The richer your profile, the more likely you are to be booked.

Click here for a short video on the on-boarding process
Highlight your skills
Highlighting your skills and rating your competence level is one of the ways TEX matches you with those in need.

TEX utilises industry data from more than 4 million job ads to identify relevant skills for certain industries and job types.

Let your skills do the talking!
Link your calendar
We’ve taken care of the logistics for you.  Link your work calendar to ensure you don’t get double-booked and adjust your availability to get specific on session times.

Remember, you can decline if needed or reschedule if something comes up.
Enjoy your first session
There are two ways to connect with participants.  

Participants can find your profile and directly book a session with you.  You will be notified via your dashboard and by email. OR

Participants will post a “request to learn” if they can’t seem to find the right person with the right skill. You can reply with your interest via your dashboard.

Further resources

We have provided the following videos to assist you with on-boarding and provide support as you grow your mentoring skills.

1. TEX On-boarding Guide
2. TEX Guide to Mentoring
Further resources to become an effective Mentor

Frequently asked questions

If you're hesitating, or trying a social media analytics platform for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.
Do I need to have formal mentoring experience?

No.  The program is about you sharing your experiences and expertise… what you do everyday.  Participants are briefed on the type of questions that are most suitable and will send you details in the booking form of where they need help.

What if I get too many bookings or my work commitments change.  

You can adjust your time commitments on the platform and given TEX is linked to your work calendar, you wont get double-booked.  We ask that you try and commit a few hours per month over the program period in order to be listed as a mentor.

Are there any resources to help me prep for my session?

TEX provides some simple guides on how to prep for your session and you will also get some details via the booking form.
Regarding platform support, you can contact theTEX team at or feel free to use the chat icon in the lower right corner.