Accelerate community learning and engagement

Enable your members to personalise their learning journey through unlocking the expertise and resources within your member base

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Simple steps to drive adoption

Full visibility of skills and gaps
Find needs of your members with rich insights into their present skills and needed skills
Engage and connect your members
Incent member connections and offer targeted learning
Expand to customers, partners and non-profits
Make it easy to bring external partners to participate in your programs

Drive Impact

Insights into members' activity and skills

Knowledge drives great decisions. TEX's powerful analytics and insights can show you how your members are using the platform, what support they need and how you to tailor your program to suit their needs

Create engagement through events and connections

Run events to drive engagement and establish personal connections within the members for greater impact

How TEX works for your industry?

Leverage internal talent

Bring talent across teams on the same platform
Connect employees on-on-one, across geographies and hierarchies to share skills on the job.
Contribute to your social initiatives
Give back to society with pro-bono sessions and targeted programs to reach those in need.
Work with your partners.
Bring talent from across organisations by bringing your partners and their talents on the same platform.

Creating lasting Industry partnerships

Keep everyone connected - beyond graduation
Give students, staff and alumni a single place to share experiences and continue mentoring engagements.
Establish new links within Industry
Students and staff can access talent within Industry with industry-supported programs.
Life-long learnings
With data insights into your student's current skills and future needs, create engaging programs to fulfill their needs.

Build relationships at scale

Engage with relevant businesses
Promote your cause to a worldwide audience and access support, expertise and investments - all in one place.
Develop skills within the team
Connect your team members with industry experts to develop critical skills.
Extend your reach
Work alongside the people you serve using latest tools, wherever they may be.

Develop skills fast

Accelerate customer adoption and success
Upskill your customers and strengthen client relationships with 'advisory on-demand'.
Understand your customer needs
Help your customers work through challenges in real-time and use these insights to inform future development.
Develop your current and future talent pool
Connect employees with expertise across the globe and link up with universities to shape the next generation of talent.

Simple steps to drive adoption

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