“Humans need three basic things in order to be content. To feel competent at what they do, to feel authentic in their lives and to feel connected with others.”

Self determination theory

Our story

Darren Scott and Shane Grove founded TEX in 2018. Having spent many years at global corporations - building teams, developing talent and creating learning programs - they’d both identified a rapidly growing global problem: technology is evolving far faster than our ability, as individuals and organisations, to keep up and reap the benefits.

“Everyone talks about ‘life-long learning’ but that’s about being ‘taught’... TEX is two people coming together, to share experiences and work through a specific problem. It’s not generic courses to the masses, it’s open access to the people and expertise you need. Whoever and wherever you are.”

Darren Scott
Founder & CEO

“To me, TEX means everyone working together for a stronger, more connected economy. Businesses, academia, governments and individuals - leaning into the challenge of developing skills and providing equal access to emerging opportunities.”

Shane Grove
Founder & COO

TEX. A worldwide mission with a social purpose

We bring the right people together, one-on-one, to exchange experiences and help each other succeed. Our mission is to give everyone access to the expertise they need to thrive.

Global challenges.
TEX responses.

The current workforce is not being re-skilled fast enough or in the areas necessary to meet the demands of our digital economy.

Ever-changing skills
The skills we each need to succeed are constantly being redefined, whatever our industry, role or level. Businesses and individuals are struggling to keep up.
The skills on TEX expand as job markets change, and as people join TEX, bringing their own unique experiences with them.
Business evolution
Every organisation needs to adapt to survive, but it’s a constant struggle to evolve your employee talent or customer skills fast enough.
TEX accelerates internal and external skill development, connecting those that have experience, with those that need it most.
The way we learn
The current sporadic, formal approaches to upskilling aren't designed for our fast-changing world. Our daily challenges have become too complex, too specific.
On TEX, learning and working become one. As you work, you learn. We replace lessons with in-depth, experience-based exchanges.
Social equality
A new battlefront of inequality is forming, between those skilled and able to engage in the new opportunities of a digital savvy workforce and those who are not.
At TEX, we believe the quest for self-development and opportunity should be available to everyone and that business and personal success should be underpinned by social equality.
Human connection
We’re more disconnected on a human level than ever before, driving a global decline in mental health. Training and courses are increasingly passive, recorded videos.
At TEX, real people are at the centre of it all. One-on-one connections, meaningful exchanges and a professional network to rival your personal support structure.

Meet the people behind TEX

Darren Scott
Founder & CEO
Shane Grove
Founder & COO
Kunal Bhusare
Product Manager
Neil Molina
Senior Developer
Abel Besas
Gian Denorte
Nicole Villamor
Quality Analyst
James Grove
UX/UI Designer