What's this thing called TEX?

You've been invited to try TEX but not sure what it is...
Read below to answer all your questions.

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What does TEX do?

Helps you connect with Mentors
Professional connections and mentors are critical to your growth. Find new mentors here.
Understands your career needs
You need support in your career growth, TEX can help you by understanding your skill needs.
Opens up opportunities
Make valuable connections that opens up new opportunities and growth options for you

That's ok, but how to use it.

Build your brand

Start by creating a profile, then highlight your strengths and achievements to build a strong brand.

Engage with mentors and peers

Find like-minded growth-oriented professionals to grow your network. Make meaningful connections and up your game.

Learn and grow

Take help from experts in your field, support others in their learning journey.

Attend events for rapid growth and quick networking.

That's all fine.
But what do the users think?

“TEX helped me find my current mentor and help build a professional network that I otherwise would not have been able to build.”

Gina D.
Student, UTS

“I was glad I participated in the TEX program for the great network it opened for me and the learnings I got from the experts.”

John B.
Student, WSU

“I was looking for opportunities to connect with Industry experts and take their guidance. TEX was the right platform for me.”

Kush S.
Student, UTS

Ahh. Now I get it.
Where do I start?

Accept the invite
You've been invited to participate to a community, accept it and get started.
Build a strong profile
Invest some time in building your profile to best reflect your strengths and interests.
Be active
Contribute in the community to get the most value.

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