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The objectives of this chapter include the following:
Become a member of NHRDN

What is NHRDN SG Connect?

Program Services

1. Become a member of NHRDN

2. Sign-up to TEX

3. Participate in NHRDN services

Multi format mentoring

NHRDN SG mentoring program is designed so members can connect and learn from each other in the community.  Baseline your skills through TEX and get recommendations on who is best to connect with at a time and format that suits.

Multi format
Connect via the TEX platform with other NHRDN mentors.  

Whether the focus is Career coaching, Subject Matter deep dive, reverse mentoring or exchanging ideas with peers in the community – members can connect their calendars on the platform and schedule directly.
HR Skills assessment
As part of the onboarding, assess your own skills and connect with others to share and learn.  

Each member than completes their onboarding and skills baseline, will receive an NHRD / TEX HR insights report, allowing you to baseline your skills against industry and Singapore community norms.
Get recognised and rewarded
Members connect and collaborate, building up “NHRDN engagement points”.  

Members will get recognised for their contributions and the community will continue lift HR and leadership skills across the group.
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NHRDN SG's Sandbox initiative will tap into the combined expertise of NHRDN Singapore members to address and debate solutions around emergent HR dilemmas and areas of focus.

Tackle pressing HR topics
A new topic will be tackled each quarter, with suggestions from the NHRD user base. Ongoing engagement via the TEX platform.

Examples include: Future Fit Leadership, new workforce models and evolving HR policies.
Work with Peers
Collaborate with NHRD members and guests from leading organisations across the region. Share best practices and test ideas with some of the best minds in the business.
Get recognised and rewarded
Members connect and collaborate, building up “NHRDN engagement points”.

Members will get recognised for their contributions and the community will continue lift HR and leadership skills across the group.

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NHRD Opportunities track – (implemented 2023), will allow members to highlight difficult to source positions or advertise leadership positions that might be relevant to members.   We will also be providing a mechanism to allow service providers to advertise relevant and discounted services.  Details to come.

NHRDN Platform Partner -
The Experience Exchange (TEX)

TEX features and benefits

Highlight your wealth of skills and experience

Your profile presents you to the world. Highlight your expertise, experience and what you can share with others.  Ever evolving, your TEX profile stays with you throughout your life-long learning

Capturing and communicating the true skills of an organisation

We partner with LightCast to deliver a consistent and global taxonomy of skills gathered from researching 4 million jobs ads every month. And if you have unique skills you can add them too. Baseline your skills against industry standards and add them to your profile to either learn or share.

Connect on TEX - live video, chat, community feed

Bring learning and work together by working through a challenge with another person via live video on the TEX platform.  Currate your own support network and connect with them on a regular basis.  Manage those sessions and review your progress via our personalised user dashboard

Get recognised and rewarded

Contribute to our community and build“engagement points”. Through chats, sessions and engagement on theplatform, we will recognise your contributions and reward accordingly

Find the right person at the right time in your community

Search, browse or let our AI engine recommend connections aligned to your learning profile.  Book a time directly or send an enquiry. Whether connecting     with a peer or learning from another HR professional, exchanging experiences to lift the skills of the community.

Set your learning roadmap

Through our career progression tool, get insights into future roles based on your     skillsets.  Get insights into skills others have in your network and set your learning goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're hesitating, or trying a social media analytics platform for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.
Who can participate in this program?
  • Members of NHRDN Singapore
  • Guests of NHRDN Singapore members
  • Students in Singapore
What commitment is required to participate?
  • Members are expected to make the most of the opportunities presented via this program. This will include, among others, engaging with experts within the program, having one-on-one sessions with mentors, and attending speaker series events.
  • We believe a 4 to 5 hours a month commitment would help the participants make the most of what the program has to offer.
Are there any costs associated with this program?
  • Members will pay a discounted rate for Mentoring sessions, a small attendance fee for Sandbox and a free pass for Practice Leadership sessions.
  • Students also enjoy discounted prices.
  • Guests will have to pay a full rate for Mentoring and Sandbox and a limited number of Practice Leadership passes.

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