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Accelerate community learning, engagement and combined strength

Accelerates community learning and engagement by focusing on individual skill needs, mapped to member resources and expertise.

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TEX has been instrumental in connecting women professionals across Asia with industry talent from global organisations, as part of our STEM ConnectHER program."

Robin Bush
The Asia Foundation

Personalised Career Acceleration

Guide your members towards their 'Next Best Action' to fast-track their careers with TEX’s four key areas: Member Connect, Member Marketplace, Member Resource Centre, and Member Skills Insights.

Member Connect

Enhance Member connections and collaborative learning

Connect with a peer, streamline your mentoring program or education partnerships, earn CPD credits while providing support.

Find the the right person at the right time for support within your community.


Connect, Share, Monetize

Professional member organisations and industry partners can offer bite-size expertise on demand, or targeted learning content.

Members get quick access to expertise and learning, professional organisations get incremental revenue opportunities

Skills Insights

Baseline your skills using your framework or our industry engine

Allow our AI engine to guide your members on their next best learning opportunity, person, content or job opportunity based on needs.

Give insights to your professional members to the skills they have in their workforce baselined to industry norms.

Resource Centre

Your personalised resource centre for life long learning and professional growth

Internships, job opportunities, industry partner offers and association resources can be provided seamlessly to members, with smart notifications aligned to a users learning and skill needs.

Give members what they want when they need it, increasing adoption and revenue


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