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One to one or in groups - find the right support and expertise in our NHRDN SG community

How Multi-format Mentoring works?

There are many different way to enage with others on you learning journey and in this program you can opt for any of the following;

To get started - sign up on TEX, assess your skills and needs against world wide industry data , then connect, learn and share with members.

1. Sign up to TEX

Sign up to TEX

2. Select to be a mentor, mentee or both

3. Complete your profile and connect with others

Example process

  • Mentees and mentors complete onboarding, highlighting expertise and/or areas that they need help in
  • Mentor-Mentee matching via the platform - automated or through search and browse
  • Mentor-Mentee Agreement via chat or in first session
  • Scheduling of defined number of sessions and booked via the platform
  • Complete sessions and provide feedback
  • Closeout first round and continue

Why should I join this program?

Mentoring or just exchanging ideas and challenges with your peers is one of the most valuable and effective ways to develop new skills and knowledge. Having the guidance, encouragement and support of an experienced mentor, or providing your own expertise or ideas, can provide both parties with a broad range of personal and professional benefits.

  • Expand your network across the NHRDN community in Singapore and guest members throughout the world
  • Build your brand and increase your visibility across industries
  • Request for help, ideas, suggestions, perspectives on your professional challenges
  • Baseline your HR skills against industry benchmarks
  • Gain new insights, ideas and ways of thinking, seeing, working
  • Seek guidance on professional development and advancement
  • Be part of a vibrant, active and engaged HR community to both get and give back
Mentoring Core Team

"This is an incredible opportunity for HR professionals from across the world working in Singapore to connect with experts in their field."

"A wonderful & rich platform to connect with thought leaders and peers not only from Singapore but also from within the wider SEA region."

"Singapore is the hub for business in Asia and this Mentoring opportunity provides a critical component in growing skills across Asia."

NHRDN SG and TEX Special Offer

HR Skill Insights Report

For all members who onboard and complete theirprofile, you will receive a 2 page HR insights report. This report willdetail an aggregate view of HR skills in Singapore against global norms,providing insights and guidance for you as an HR professional.

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Before you get started

3 Simple steps to start collaborating within our network

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Build your profile and discover Mentors in areas of your need

Learn how you can best leverage the platform, learn the most and be rewarded/ recognized

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Pricing - Free for a limited time

If you're hesitating, or trying a social media analytics platform for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.

We have a clear pricing strategy to make it easy for participants to understand the cost of the sessions.

- Introductory offer: All sessions free of charge