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The Asia Foundation in collaboration with our STEM ConnectHER Supporting Partners has curated the following resources to support your continued learning as a STEM professional. All resources are available in self-study format to provide you with the flexibility to learn at your pace, at your own time.  

Many of the resources provided will prepare you for Industry Certifications for in-demand skills such as Cybersecurity, Cloud and Virtualization, Application Development and Customer Experience. Read more

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Zendesk makes customer service better.
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Importance of Industry Certifications

Employers across the globe continue to put a high value on job candidates who have Industry recognized certifications. Certification provides significant advantages to professionals and job candidates, helping you to stand out in a crowded market.

According to Certiport:

  • 91% of hiring managers report that certifications a criteria for hiring
  • IT professionals who gained new skills and/or certifications last year received an average raise of $12,000-$13,000
  • Certification makes a better case for that big raise or promotion
  • Third-party validation of skills is far more powerful than self-promotion of knowledge

Certifications from Supporting Partners

Leading you into the future of work
Innovate Faster in a Multi-Cloud World
Zendesk makes customer service better.

More information on Industry Certifications

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