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We welcome educators and academic institutions as partners in the STEM ConnectHER community.

Find ways to empower your students in their STEM career journey.

Inspire the next generation of women in STEM

The STEM ConnectHER program is designed to bridge the persistent gender gap in STEM in the region by leveraging networking and mentoring for professional development. The community brings together mentors and educators to connect students with diverse resources and opportunities for future careers in the field.

Your role as a Partner Educator

By signing up as a member of the STEM ConnectHER educator circle, you play an important role in connecting your students with inspiring mentors and potential STEM employers across the region. Here's how joining STEM ConnectHER benefits you and your students:

Benefits for your Institution

Apart from benefiting your students, you also bring value to your academic institution as a STEM ConnectHER educator.

By partnering with us, your university gets an opportunity to:

Strengthen industry cooperation and connections with leading companies.

Bring the workplace into the classroom for your students and improve their future career prospects.

Increase retention and persistence rates for female students in STEM, and support diversity and inclusion in the field.

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