Resources for Mentors

Welcome to the NHRD Connect Mentoring Program!

Thank you for volunteering your time to help mentor young HR professionals! As mentors, your contribution is extremely valuable in helping these professionals advance their careers.

Frequently asked questions

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Do I need to use this guide?

This guide is meant to share some pointers on how you provide support to your mentees during this mentoring program. All of the following content is optional; you can utilize whichever content works for you.

Do mentees reach out to me?

The mentees have the flexibility to reach out to any mentors they would like to learn from, and arrange as many sessions with you as they would like.

What’s my role as a mentor?

As a mentor, you are encouraged to:
- Guide your mentees in achieving their goals;
- Be patient and non-judgemental with your mentees; and
- Share any advice or tips that have been helpful to you with your mentees

What do I do during our first meeting?

It’s good to get to know each other during the first meeting.
If you’re comfortable, share with your mentee :
- What your background is
- Where do you come from
- What inspired you to join a STEM field

What do mentees expect out of the mentoring sessions?

We have recommended mentees to define what goals and skills they would like to work on during your mentoring sessions. You will see an example of a worksheet (link below) where mentees can use to  list down the goals and skills they intend to work on with their mentors.

How many times should I meet the same mentee?

We have recommended mentees to meet the same mentor for at least four (4) sessions to work on at least one of their goals so they will be able to better track their progress in achieving their goal(s). However, they have the flexibility to arrange more than 4 sessions with the same mentor and also reach out to any other mentor at any time.

What if a mentee doesn’t know what to work on?

If your mentee is struggling to come up with a goal or a list of skills they’d like to work on, you can ask the following questions to help them determine what to work on:
- Are you currently facing any challenges at work?
- Are there any skills you would like to develop?
- What areas of your work are you interested in improving?
- What do you need help with?
- How can I help?
- How can I support you?
- Tell me a little about what you'd like to gain from mentoring
- What else would you like to share with me?

You can also use the GROW framework to identify what to work on:
- Goal: What does the mentee want to achieve?
- Reality: Where is the mentee now?
- Options: What could the mentee do?
- Will: What will the mentee do?

Are there any topics we can discuss during the mentoring sessions?

There are optional topics (listed below) that provide activities that can be done by both mentor and mentee, and some discussion points to be discussed during the mentoring sessions.

Share the worksheet with mentees

This is to be worked on by mentees; mentors can share it with their mentees

Download the worksheet

Supplementary topics

These are suggested additional topics that can be discussed between mentors and mentees. These are optional and can be used as needed. Both activity and discussion points are for the mentors and mentees to do.

Building Confidence


Watch this video : “How to build your confidence - and spark it in others”

Discussion Points

  • When did you feel the most confident?
  • When did you feel the least confident?
  • What limiting beliefs do you have?
  • How did you overcome these limiting beliefs?
  • How do you build confidence?

Balancing Work and Personal Life


Watch this video : “3 rules for better work-life balance”

Discussion Points

  • How do you manage your work and personal life?
  • How do you set boundaries at work?
  • What challenges do you face in balancing work and personal life?
  • Do you struggle asking for help at work or in your personal life?
  • How can organizations help employees balance work and personal life?



Watch this video : “Servant leadership : How to lead with the heart ? ”

Discussion Points

  • What traits exist in a leader?
  • Is there a role model that you look up to? Who are they? What traits do you admire about them?
  • How do I become a leader at work?
  • What are examples of bad leadership?
  • What kind of leader do you strive to be?