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91% of Australian business leaders say it is challenging to find professionals with the needed technical skills. This program is designed to make that first introduction."

Simeon Simoff
Dean, School of Computer, Data and Mathematical Sciences

Program details

Connecting high tech students and researcher talent with those in industry.

Semester 1, 2022

Key dates




Participant onboard session

Brief introduction and key members onboarding




Program launch

Launching the program with a webinar




Mentoring starts

Program kickoff with students booking the mentors




Phase 1 concludes

Final day of mentoring sessions and program review

Who is this program for?
  • Postgraduate Students
  • Higher Degree Research (HDR) Students
  • Early Career Researchers (ECR)
What's in it for me?
  • Build your network with other great technology leaders
  • Get insights regarding moving from your area of expertise and passion to Industry
  • Build your brand – showcase some of your own achievements! – put yourself on the radar for new jobs.
  • Learn new skills to help better prepare for interviews etc
  • Understand more about the hiring process in big tech companies
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How can industry help?

The industry experts in this program are some of the best high tech, engineering talent in Australia.  They have expert knowledge in their area of expertise and on making a transition from a successful high tech student to employee.  

Participants are encouraged to highlight their primary question(s) as part of the booking process, to make the most of the time.

For example;  

"I’ve started to apply for jobs in high tech – would love to get your insights as to what I should look for in a new company"  

"Would love your insights into skills you weren’t taught at university that have helped you on your career journey"  

"I’m a researcher in xxx, would love to connect with someone in my field to understand roles aligned to that area of focus"

Connect with the industry talent

Industry experts from global tech giants - meet them below;

meet Luke

Since 2011 I have enjoyed building applications that are used by millions of people world wide whilst ensuring the end experience is incredible and familiar to the user.

how I can help...

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

view my profile

meet Daniel

Hi I'm Daniel and I'm a senior iOS Engineer. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, US and moved to Australia in 2017. I love learning anything related to technology such as mobile, game, deep learning, etc.

how I can help...

Universal Platform Support

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meet Richie

Hi, my name is Richie and I a senior iOS engineer. I grew up in Melbourne.

how I can help...


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