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Come celebrate the end of semester with us and let loose with those iOS design and development skills!

In June 2022, the UTS Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology will be hosting the 2022 iOS Student Hackathon.

This two day event is chance for students to let their creativity run wild and create a iOS applications from scratch. No grades, no job expectations – just a chance to have fun, meet new people, learn new skills!


Dates: Tuesday 21st of June and Wednesday 22nd of June 2022

Location: UTS Building 11, Level 4, Room 400.

This is the primary meeting point for the iOS Student Hackathon but participants are free to work from any location on- or off-campus that suits them.

Times: The above location will be open from 9am-5pm both days and organizing staff will be present during these times.


Tuesday, June 21st (Day 1)
9am - 10am: Registration signup, group forming.
10am - 12m: Workshop on iOS Technologies (by our Industry Partners from Bilue, TEX, CBA, etc)
12m - 1pm: Lunch
1pm - 5pm: Work on your iOS app.
5pm - 6pm: For a Day 1 Wrap Session with dinner

Wednesday, June 22nd (Day 2)
9am - 12m: Work in your iOS app
12m - 1pm: Lunch
1pm - 5pm: Work on iOS app.
5pm - 7pm: Final submission of entries, judging, Day 2 Wrap Session with dinner, and prizes

Workshop on iOS Technologies:

A look at the evolution of game audio technology and how technology capabilities shape our gaming experiences. From the pre-synth audio chips to the immersive sound formats of today, gaming audio has always lived at the intersection of creative desire and technology constraints. As well as reviewing the past we’ll focus on the current and emerging technology for gaming audio, and some of the tools and tricks needed to create immersive experiences.

Guest Speaker: Luke Pearce, Acting Head Of Engineering at Bilue

Since 2011 Luke have enjoyed building applications that are used by millions of people world wide whilst ensuring the end experience is incredible and familiar to the user. Luke currently enjoys leading teams to success through his mentoring and coaching style leadership approaches and in his spare time like traveling and ramping up on new technologies. Luke have worked and guided teams on major iOS projects for large Australian and international companies in most sectors.


Prizes will be given in a variety of categories, recognising great apps and other quirky achievements.

Who is Invited:

This event is for students of UTS only. While we expect most students will be from FEIT, students from other faculties are welcome too! There are only 80 spots though so make sure you register quick! (and please only register if you are certain you will come on the day)

Team Sizes:

There is no minimum or maximum team size, however we recommend teams of 2-5 people. You can come with a pre-made team but there will also be time to form new teams and recruit new team members on the first day. This is a chance to work with people you usually wouldn’t get the chance to, so make the most of it and get to know others at the event.


On this particular occassion, the general theme for the iOS Student Hackathon is  "Blah".

Core topics will be provided on the day of the Hackathon for teams to design and build their apps around. This ensures that all teams come to event with a blank canvas, ready to collaborate on any creative design ideas that are inspired by the themes of the day.


Light lunch (midday) and dinner (5pm) snacks will be provided on both days but participants are also encouraged to bring their own food and plenty of water.

What to bring:

Whatever you want! Some recommended resources are:

An apple laptop to work on (if you do not have one, we can provide you with a loaner mac computer for the day, just let us know before hand)
Appropriate software installed that you think you may need (Xcode, etc.)
Some favourite assets from past projects  (scripts, libraries, etc.)

The iOS Student Hackathon will use Discord for communication and submissions. Get ready by setting up an account with this system.

What skills do I need:

In order to facilitate team formations on the day, we will ask participants to think about the skills they have or that they want to work on during the iOS Student Hackathon. This may include programming, design, project management, or others.

What if our team fails?

That’s what a Student Hackathon is for! Get creative and ambitious, and if you don’t reach your goals then at least you learnt new skills, have something to show and work on in future, and had fun trying!Are there any examples of what a Student Hackathon looks like?Here is some footage from our latest Student Hackathon: 2020 Audio Comes First Game Jam


This event is organized by the Student Engagement Team at the Faculty of Engineering in IT and our industry partners .


For inquiries please contact us at:

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meet Kartik

A polyglot developer, Kartik has experience of working with multiple languages and tools. He is proficient in Java and Python and familiar with programming in C, C++, Javascript, Python, C#, MATLAB and PHP.

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meet Alexander

A senior software developer with a focus on Android, .Net Framework, Azure related services (e.g. Devops CI) and frontend technologies like reactjs and node.js.

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"I am happy to discuss any aspect of my journey so far, and I look forward to meeting you on TEX"

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meet Fahad

Fahad has been working with a wide range of technologies for 15 years now, including 6+ years of hands-on experience with AWS (AWS Certified Developer and Solutions Architect)

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"I am happy to discuss any aspect of my journey so far, and I look forward to meeting you on TEX"

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