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We've designed this program to augment classroom learning with street smarts -from some of Australia's leading developers."

Paul Kennedy
Professor, School of Computer Science

Program details

Industry experts will provide on-demand expertise via the TEX platform in support of your teams in the iOS group assignment

Key dates




Student onboard session

Brief introduction and key members onboarding




Program launch event

Launching the program with a webinar




Mentoring starts

Program kickoff with students booking the mentors




Program concludes

Final day of mentoring sessions and program review

Who is this program for?
  • Computer Science students in the iOS elective
What's in it for me?
  • Learn from the best
  • Gain technical insights from industry experts
  • Build your brand within the industry
  • Showcase your talent to potential employers
  • Learn the skills you need to be successful in industry
Mentors click here
How can industry help?

The industry experts in this program have a deep understanding of development practices and in particular iOS SDKs.

These include ; Human Interface Guidelines, StoreKit, Animations, MapKit, ARKit, CoreAudio, CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation etc

Students are encouraged to bring questions about how to use particular technology to make their application or idea better.

For example;

"We're using CoreLocation in this app of ours and we're not sure what the best settings would be for us to use, can you help?"

"We're using StoreKit and we're stuck with understanding how we test this thing, it seems convoluted, what do we do?"

"We've tried using ARKit and are confused by this particular aspect of the SDK, can you help?"

Connect with the industry talent

World class developers from leading Australian companies - meet them below;

meet Luke

Since 2011 I have enjoyed building applications that are used by millions of people world wide whilst ensuring the end experience is incredible and familiar to the user.

how I can help...

iOS Human Interface Guidelines

view my profile

meet Daniel

Hi I'm Daniel and I'm a senior iOS Engineer. I grew up in a small town in Kentucky, US and moved to Australia in 2017. I love learning anything related to technology such as mobile, game, deep learning, etc.

how I can help...

Universal Platform Support

view my profile

meet Richie

Hi, my name is Richie and I a senior iOS engineer. I grew up in Melbourne.

how I can help...


view my profile

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For more information on the iOS Connect - Group Assignment contact
Hua.Zuo [at] uts.edu.au

Assignment details

Presentation (15 Marks)
  • Describe the target audience (2 mark)
  • Explain what problem is being solved (2 mark)
  • Explain/demonstrate how your app compares to other possible solutions (2 mark)
  • Demonstrate thoroughly how the app is used (2 marks)
  • Explain what frameworks/services you used to solve the problem (2 mark)
  • Demonstrate the greatest difficulty you encountered and how you solved it, in coding or design. (2 marks)
  • Demonstrate how you achieve minimum viable product by following an iterative product design cycle (1 mark)
  • Presentation skills (2 marks)
Code on GitHub (15 marks)
  • Data modelling: Do the data structures reflect the problem domain? (2 mark)
  • Immutable data and idempotent methods: Is the type system used to prevent incorrect code from being written? (2 mark)
  • Functional separation: Is the problem broken down into meaning parts? (3 mark)
  • Loose coupling: Can parts be changed in isolation of each other? (2 mark)
  • Extensibility: How easy would it be to add, remove, or change functionality? Could a new mechanic or new content be added by changing data instead of changing code? (2 mark)
  • Error handling: Are errors detected at appropriate places? Is the user prevented from entering invalid input and guided toward valid input? (2 mark)
  • Demonstration of collaborative work on GitHub. (2 mark)