TEX for Universities

A new foundation for Peer-to-Peer learning: Connecting students with industry; Accelerating staff development; and providing new opportunities for alumni engagement
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Industry Connect

TEX facilitates university to industry connections for direct access to expertise. Students and faculty members find the right person at the right time to help them learn new skills

  • Amplify your course content with real-time industry support
    Events, Guest lectures, Hackathon , and other virtual sessions for groups or individual engagement
  • Gain insights to student skills and needs
    Analysis of student skills baseline and needs with individual and group reporting.  Career insights with TEX Skill Navigator features on platform.
  • Work with your trusted industry partners
    Build on your existing partnerships and involve more industry employees to share their experience and help develop the next generation of talent

University staff development

Create a culture of continual learning and unleash individual expertise with internal skills exchange.

  • Harness existing talent and skills
    Connect employees one-on-one, across geographies and hierarchies, with on-the-job mentoring and skill sharing.
  • Accelerate new-hire on-boarding
    Reduce time to competence and provide the right expert at the right time to help new employees onboard and thrive.
  • Get enterprise-wide visibility of skills - and gaps
    Capture skills across the business, identify your expertise and areas to develop, and track progress over time

Alumni connect

Invite the Alumni community to support university employees and students for targeted learning. Alumni add their profile to the university community and can provide meaningful and insightful expertise.

  • Strengthen your relationships with your Alumni community
  • Improve your access to industry expertise -for both students and university staff
  • Improve student readiness for industry and reduce their time to competency
  • Provide Alumni an opportunity to ‘give back’ to students and staff

TEX brings communities of expertise together for knowledge sharing and life-long learning

How to get started

Tell us about your university
We create programs to suit your objectives and focus areas. Use cases vary and we shape TEX to suit your needs
Initiate your programs
We work with you and your chosen partners for focus areas, participants, and outcomes. We onboard and support users, run the program, and provide data and analytics
Start sharing
Once the program is initialized you can start sharing and reap the benefits of person to person learning.