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Lead the mentoring initiatives within your university while growing your network, engaging with industry leaders and improving your chances for internships and job opportunities.
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What do I need to do?

With little effort on a weekly basis, you can benefit immensely by being a TEX Ambassador.

Engage with experts and connect them with learners

  • Get prority access to industry experts
  • Know the expertise of experts
  • Understand their interests and strengths

Encourage your friends and classmates to book mentoring sessions

  • Help them find the right expert
  • Book session with them
  • Follow up on their learnings
  • Encourage followup sessions

Participate in TEX meetings and grow network

  • Weekly short meetings to catch up and get to know other ambassadors
  • Invest time as it suits your schedule

Get to know the industry
before you join it.

engage with these leading brands and more

Why should I do it?

Engage with potential employers
The experts on the platform are potential employers. They might be your interviewers or cheerleaders when you start the job hunt
Grow your professional network
As students, you need more opportunities to grow your professional network. This is one great way for it
Show volunteering experience
Show this as a volunteering experience on your resume and LinkedIn