How it works for Mentees

Program at a glance

The STEM ConnectHER initiative is a pan-regional 'network-of-networks' designed to connect and support early-in-career women in STEM, and provide access to mentorship and professional development opportunities.

Who is this program for?
Early-in-career women in STEM careers from the participating member organizations
Who are the mentors?
STEM professionals from supporting partner organizations
Time commitment for mentees
As much as you need
Program timeline
1 September 2022 to 31 March 2023

What do I need to do?

The Experience Exchange (TEX) will be the platform connecting participants to industry experts like you.  Start by signing up here with TEX, then follow these steps below.

Build your profile
Your profile helps experts know more about you. It highlights your experience and interest, and allows TEX to match you with the right experts.  The richer your profile, the more likely the experts will want to help you.

Click here for a short video on the on-boarding process
Request to learn
Share your most important learning needs and we'll find the most suitable experts for you.

Your brief is shared with all the experts and some of them would reach out to you to offer their expertise.
Find the right mentor
You can also go about browsing through the extensive list of mentors present on the platform.

Check their profiles and their work and see who can help you the best.

It always pays to engage with a few mentors at the start and then continue the engagement with the ones that you relate to most.
Chat with a mentor and book a session
We know that starting a conversation with a new person can be tough, so you can ease into it by initiating a chat with the experts. Share about your background and learning needs, ask questions and build rapport.

When you are comfortable book a session with them and continue your learning journey.

Further resources

We have provided the following videos to assist you with on-boarding and provide support as you grow your mentoring skills.

TEX On-boarding Guide
TEX Guide to Mentoring
Further resources to make the most of the mentoring opportunities

Get started now

Create your free account on TEX and start participating in the program today.

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Frequently asked questions

If you're hesitating, or trying a social media analytics platform for the first time, do not worry. We've got answers for all your questions.
I have never had a mentor before? Is this for me?

At TEX we believe that one-on-one learning is the most rewarding learning experience. You can start small, initiate conversations and then ease into a full mentoring engagement with the experts on the platform.

The experts on the platform are super friendly and are here to help learners like you.

Can I get out a mentoring engagement after a few sessions?

Of course, we understand that you need to find the right mentor for a long term relationship. If after a few session you feel the engagement is not working, you can have a warm good bye and try out some other mentors on the platform.

What is expected of me before, during and after the sessions?

Mentoring is a great way for you to get support and guidance. Feel free to watch this video "TEX Guide to mentoring" to get some great tips.

During the session, be ready with your questions and make the most of the time the mentor is offering. After the session, feel free to share your notes and takeaways. Let the mentor know what you are looking to do next.

Is there any cost associated with my participation in this program

The Asia Foundation is making this program accessible to the participants without any cost.