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Join us and make a difference through sharing your skills and experience directly with not-for-profit employees as they tackle the challenges of serving their constituents in the digital age.
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How TEX can support your organisation

TEX makes it super easy to connect your employees with not-for-profit organisations employees - helping those who really need it via live one-to-one video.

  • Employees“give-back” by sharing expertise and experience
  • Increase your employee participation levels
  • Recognise and reward the contribution

2. Gain insights to employee skills

Organisation wide and anonymised data is gathered for reporting and analysis of skills data,engagement quality, and other key measurements

  • High and low demand skills to learn/share
  • Skills inventory of your teams
  • Skill competency tracking

1. Unleash your company's Expertise

NFP employees find, connect, and learn from your employees – for free or for a fee.

  • Employees develop their personal skills, such as  mentoring, coaching, presenting
  • Individual profiles to show skills and experience to share
  • Automated calendar synchronization to manage availability

3. Reporting and Analysis

In kind contribution reporting for both the employee and  organisation

  • Contribution by subject areas, recipient  organisation, $ value in kind
  • Recognize and reward your contributing employees
  • Add to existing Social Impact reporting

TEX is an innovative and agile approach for Industry and Not for Profit to connect

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How to get started

Tell us about your organisation
We create programs to suit your objectives and focus areas. Use cases vary and we shape TEX to suit your needs
Initiate your programs
We work with you and your chosen partners for focus areas, participants, and outcomes. We onboard and support users, run the program, and provide data and analytics.

We have options for fully managed, or self-managed programs
Start sharing
Once the program is initialized you can start sharing and reap the benefits of person-to-person learning.