New UI and Feature Set for The Experience Exchange

Excited to launch a fresh and easier UI
Darren Scott
2 mins

We are thrilled to announce the highly anticipated TEX Refresh, bringing a new user interface (UI) and an enhanced feature set to the Experience Exchange. This update aims to provide a seamless and immersive experience for our users, and laying a simpler foundation for upcoming features in early 2024 .

Redesigned User Interface

The TEX Refresh introduces an intuitive UI that enhances usability and navigation. With a clean and modern design, users will find it easier than ever to explore and interact with the Experience Exchange, both desktop and mobile.

What’s new?

  1. Improved navigation: The left hand navigation bar brings all of your personal pages in a single section.  Example: Accessing and editing your profile and managing your sessions can be done through this always on section.
  2. Community Home:  The most important actions to engage with your community are found via  your dashboard home. Chat to your community via your “timeline”, find “experts” or peers, and see who needs help via the “requests” tab. All actions in a single place.

Watch the demo here

What's coming next?

Alongside the new UI, the refresh builds a foundation for a host of exciting features to the Experience Exchange, empowering users with even more tools and capabilities:

  1. Personalised AI chatbot: #Jan 2024 Our ChatGPT powered chatbot, trained on your community data, will simplify the main tasks of TEX both from your mobile and our desktop app. Whether that be connecting to a peer, finding a mentor and providing you suggestions to enhance your career prospects.
  2. Improved Search : #Nov 2023 Finding the right person at the right time will be simpler, quicker and easier with our enhanced search functionality. Whether you're searching via specific keywords,  locations, or skills, or want to browse your entire expert network.
  3. Communities: #Dec 2023 Engage with like minded peers around a particular topic area using our communities link.  Communities allows a more filtered view of your community both via our app and via a corresponding slack channel for easier mobile access.
  4. Improved Mobile support: With optimised mobile access and integrations with platforms such as Slack, TEX will be easier to drive all your engagement via mobile.
  5. Expanded Profile: #Jan2024 Stay tuned for further profile modules: Testimonials, badging, your learning journey and your portfolio… all of which will further strengthen your profile and build your brand across the community

We are thrilled to bring these exciting changes to our valued users. The App Refresh represents our commitment to continuously enhancing the Experience Exchange and providing a platform that truly caters to your needs and desires. Get ready to embark on a journey like never before!

Stay tuned for more updates and announcements as we roll out the new UI and feature set for the Experience Exchange. Exciting times lie ahead!

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