The Skills Shortage: A Threat to Business Growth and Competitiveness

How TEX can help with Upskilling your workforce
Darren Scott
5 mins

The world is recovering from the global economic slowdown, and businesses are facing the challenge of finding the right talent to fill their open roles. This shortage has created a demand for upskilling and e-learning solutions, with leading the way.

According to Darren Scott, Founder and CEO of, the talent shortage was previously addressed by importing talent from overseas, but this is no longer a reliable option. “Australia would have 150,000-200,000 people from overseas, here, filling the gaps,” says Scott. “And those would predominantly be in the digital and tech space.”

The pandemic has resulted in a backlog of projects, and companies are now looking to fast-track their completion. However, the skills shortage could be a roadblock in their progress. “Things could grind to a halt, or be delayed,” warns Darren. “This could also hurt Australia’s global competitiveness for years to come.” provides a solution to this problem by offering a real-time, video-based marketplace for learning and upskilling. It connects individuals with experts in their field, helping companies to close the skills gap from within. Darren notes, “Gone are the days where you send your employees to a training course. Now companies are looking at the expertise that exists within their business – and using that breadth to train others.”

In conclusion, the skills shortage is a real and pressing concern for businesses looking to grow and remain competitive. With the help of innovative solutions like, companies can upskill their employees and ensure they have the talent they need to succeed.

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First published on on 21, Sept 2021

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